Travels with my brother: Christine and Vas

June and Christine in front of the MET building

February/March 2014

The film is part of the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan India’s “The Way We Live” travelling festival, which screens in 7 cities: Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Trivandrum and Bangalore.

JULY 2013

The film is screened at the Gimli Film Festival, north of Winnipeg, as part of the National Screen Institute's Best Documentary Shorts program on July 24th.

APRIL 2013

The film captured the BEST NARRATIVE AWARD at the World Arts Film Festival, which was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Jacksonville, Florida, April 11 - 13th.

MARCH 2013

Our film appears as part of the Sprout Touring Festival in Eugene, Oregon on March 15th at the Wildish Community Theater It screens at the FREE noon showing and at the 7 pm screening.


Our film captured the National Screen Institute of Canada's biggest prize for their online film festival! What a great year we've had with screenings in New York City and Basel, Switzerland.

Meanwhile, we continue to work on our "Citizen Autistic" interactive prototype, which we hope to bring to the world in early 2013.

Happy New Year All!

FALL 2012

The film has its European Premiere at the the look&roll festival in Basel, Switzerland -- screening Sept. 21st and 22nd in Program 1. Co-directors Christine Alexiou and June Chua will be there. TWMB is the ONLY Canadian film invited to this prestigious festival.

And, we're also finishing our demo reel for the AUTISMLAND interactive project.


The film had a triumphant U.S. premiere on April 28 at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art at the Sprout Festival, screening to an enthusiastic, almost-full house. The film will now be part of the Sprout organization's touring festival and is available to community organizations in the U.S.


We are now hard at work on a prototype for an interactive site/documentary "AUTISMLAND," which captured the Documentary Organization of Canada's DOCshift Pitch Prize in November 2011

MARCH 2012

"Travels With My Brother" has been chosen to screen at two festivals this year!

It will have its US Premiere at the Sprout Film Festival in New York City (runs April 27-29)

Directors June Chua and Christine Alexiou will be at the screening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, April 28 at 4:30 pm.

For more information on the program and tickets go to:

The European premiere will be at the Look&Roll 2012 International Film Festival in Basel, Switzerland. The festival runs from September 20-23 and will include 22 films from 11 countries.

Stay tuned for more information about the screening in the months ahead.

For more info on the festival go to:


"Travels With My Brother" is shortlisted out of 800 entries for the Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia.


"Travels With My Brother" makes the cover of the Fall 2010 issue of Autism Matters magazine.

JUNE 2010

Vas and Christine are guest speakers at the Autism Ontario AGM. The film screening was followed by a Q&A where Vas shone!

APRIL 2010

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Directors June and Christine were invited to present "Travels With My Brother" to a second year photography class at the Ontario College of Art. A lively Q&A followed.

MARCH 2010

"Travels With My Brother" screened on March 5 to a sold out audience at the National Film Board Mediatheque cinema. Thank you to all who attended and made it such a great evening!

Our documentary was featured in the February 24 Psychology Today, "Meet Vas in Travels With My Brother"

Our documentary was featured in the February 2010 issue of Toronto's Town Crier community newspaper, "Short doc reveals complexities."


"Travels With My Brother" premiered to an enthusiastic audience at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival on Friday, Nov. 13th at the National Film Board Mediatheque cinema (150 John Street at Richmond), screening with several other shorts in the program "My Name Is…" Advance tickets were sold out with only rush tickets available. did a lovely article about the film. It's the top site for Canadian documentary filmmakers.