Travels with my brother: Christine and Vas

Christine and Vas Christine and Vas head off to different locales in their hometown of Toronto, Canada, every week. In shooting the film, we went to these locations (parks, beach, bookstores, the Toronto Islands, Christine's apartment etc…) so that they could converse like they usually do. Of course, the discussions had more purpose now that the camera was rolling -- to delve into Vas' perceptions and views of himself and the world around him.

We shot over the course of six weeks - only seven days total - in the autumn of 2008. It was a challenging shoot and we never knew what would come out of Vas' mouth! That made it even more exciting.

In creating the computer 2-D, cut-out animation segments, we wanted to demonstrate Vas' mind. He has a habit of ripping out and collecting images from reference books and the encyclopedia, so we went with that style in the film. The documentary's look, cadence and tone are all connected to Vas.

"Truth is stranger than fiction."

Produced with the support of:

Ontario Arts Council Toronto Arts Council

Produced under the Charles Street Video Reel Asian Film Festival 'So You Think You Can Pitch' Artist in Residence Program.

Charles Street Video Reel Asian

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